KQUBE NEWS Apps for iOS Officially Released

CINet Technologies Co., Ltd have announced officially on 22nd April 20014, that iOS app for KQUBE BREAKING NEWS has been released.

This application was submitted to apple company to check and review for a week already until they approved the app and deployed to their AppStore.

Now KQUBE NEWS CENTER can have one more option for their visitors to check or read news thru iPhone / iPad conveniently from now forward.


Google Tools Training

CINet Technologies Co., Ltd conducted a training about "Google Tools" by Mr. Sam Viphou yesterday 21 April 2014.

The training is in the purpose of providing some knowledge to all of CINet colleagues to be familiar with google tools and they can use it in many helpful ways for their everyday works.

Mr. Sam Viphou, he is in the position of iOS Developer at CINet Technologies Co., Ltd he has a wide range of advanced technologies understanding, social media, mobile applications particularly he has experiences in utilizing other Google Tools.


E-visa and Kqube-News For iOS Application Have Completed Successfully

On April 2014, CINet Technologies Co., Ltd has submitted two applications to AppStore of Apple company to review. They are now under check, testing and review from Apple.

We have developed these two applications for iOS (iPhone/iPad) since early of 2014, it has been over 4 months already that our developers design and develop it.


Cambodia E-Visa Mission, Angwork Wat, Siem Reap Province

We have never stopped our mission so far, we are always looking forward to finding an amazing date and time to bring our supports to the people.

On 08 - 11 April 2014 before KHMER NEW YEAR, on behalf of CINet teamwork we went to Siem Reap province and promote Cambodia E-visa there in the purpose of providing more information to tourists especially display its information at the travel agencies, hotel and other places which foreigner tourists visit the most.


CINet Celebrates Khmer Happy New Year

KHMER NEW YEAR is coming shortly from 14th until 16th April 2014. CINet Company would like to wish all of Cambodian people have a prosperity, lucky, healthy, happiness and especially we wish you all have a very successful in your works.

The new year will bring you more successful achievements, creativity and new initiative in your life.


Google Street View now lets you visit the historic Angkor Wat temple site in Cambodia

Google is continuing to map Asia’s most recognizable landmarks after it added 360-degree panoramic images of Cambodia’s iconic Angkor Wat to its Street View service, a site populated by over 50 Khmer temples which the Lonely Planet guide calls ”heaven on earth”.

Google has already taken Street View into a number of historic sites in Asia — including Japan’s Mount Fuji and the Taj Mahal in India.


Facebook Acquires Oculus VR for $2 Billion

Facebook announced Tuesday that it acquired Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Rift gaming headset in a cash and stock deal valued at $2 billion.

The terms of the deal include $400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook common stock.

The Oculus Rift project gained prominence on Kickstarter, raising over $2 million in the summer of 2012. The company went on to raise more than $91 million in venture funding in 2013. With this exit, the Oculus Rift is easily the most successful Kickstarter project of all time.


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